The legendary Salzburg Festival – a festival for all senses

Experience the highlights of Austrian culture in Salzburg

The Salzburg Festival is the cultural highlight of the year and attracts thousands of guests to the city of Mozart every year.

Salzburger Festspiele

The legendary city of Salzburg counts among the most interesting cultural cities of Europe due to the annual Salzburg Festival. Every summer thousands of lovers of art from all over the world come the city of Mozart to go to one or several of the fascinating cultural events of the Salzburg Festival. Festival venues can be found all over the city of Salzburg: watch the play “Everyman” on Domplatz square or let the music of the Viennese philharmonic orchestra enchant you.

Salzburg Festival: the breath taking open air stage at Domplatz square

Traditionally the play “Everyman” of the life and death of the “rich man” by Hugo von Hoffmannsthal is performed at the Domplatz square. The play has been the highlight of the festival season since 1920.

Salzburg Festivals at Easter and Whitsun

The Easter Festival is the herald of the festival season in summer every year. These festival piques the appetite for culture with operas like Wagner's “Siegfried” or concerts by the philharmonic orchestra Berlin at the great festival hall. The Whitsun Festival follows shortly after. The cultural events at the “House for Mozart” and the former archbishop's stable “Felsenreitschule” are extremely popular.

Fascinating venues of the Salzburg Festival

The “Große Festspielhaus” great festival hall with its gigantic stage counts among the largest opera venues of its kind. The sophisticated venue serves as a stage of perfectly staged concerts and operas. The “House for Mozart” is a further popular venue of the Salzburg Festival. The recently newly designed opera house will enchant you with its architecture and fantastic concerts.

Felsenreitschule and the unique puppet theatre

You might know the former archbishop's stable from the film “Sound of Music”. Countless performances are held at the unique open air stage. The Felsenreitschule is the location of various cultural highlights every year. The legendary puppet theatre next to the Mozarteum art university is the most famous of its kind and will enchant children with its fantastic performances.