Day trip Krimmler waterfalls

Experience the raw power of water in the province of Salzburg in Austria

Day trip Krimmler waterfalls: marvel at the highest waterfalls in Europe during your holidays in Zell am See in Austria..

Krimmler Wasserfälle

With a drop of 380 metres the waterfalls in Krimml are the highest in Europe. The fascinating natural monument of water and stone attracts countless visitors from all over the world every year. A beautiful hiking trail will lead you to the fascinating waterfalls – marvel at the raw power of the element of water. Surrounded by the wonderful mountain scenery of the national park Hohe Tauern a day trip to the Krimmler waterfalls is a very special experience during your holidays in Zell am See. The waterfalls are accessible from the middle of April to the end of October.

Day trip Krimmler waterfalls: the WaterWonderWorld in Krimml

The WaterWonderWorld in Krimml is looking forward to your visit during your day trip to the Krimmler waterfalls. Find out more about the raw strength and healing powers of the element of water at the “House of Water”, “Aqua Park” and “Multi Vision Cinema”. The exhibition “Phenomenon Water” at the “House of Water provides fascinating information on the special qualities of the liquid element. Enjoy the fun of the water attractions at the “Aqua Park”. Learn more about the healing effects of the Krimmler Waterfalls and how it helps in the case of asthma or allergies.