Sustainability at the Latini Hotel and the Der Schütthof guesthouse

Environmental friendliness for future generations

The ones, who are blessed to live on the mountains in Salzburgerland as we are, know how much the natural environment has to give. It is therefore important to our team at the Latini Hotel and the Schütthof to contribute to environmental protection in order to ensure future generations the same environmental conditions.

Waste separation and recycling

We separate the waste at the hotels and recycle it. Additionally we have a fat separator filter, which pre-filters the sewage in the kitchens to abstract harmful oils and fats, before the water runs into the sewage system. For cleaning we only use environmental-friendly detergents and cleaners.

renewable Energy

Energy-saving lamps are used at the hotel and the guesthouse to save energy. The houses are heated via a biomass heating system, which dispenses with fossil fuels and uses renewable sources of energy instead.

Using Local Products in our restaurant

Most of the ingredients and products we use to prepare your meals with at the restaurant are provided by the regional farmers – you will taste the difference! Meat, milk, eggs, fruits and vegetables ... our region has so much to offer. We increase the quality of our dishes while supporting the local economy. Enjoy your food with the healthy Tyrolean “Grander waters”. With a special technique the energy content in the water is increased, which leads to a positive effect on your health.

Spend your holiday at the eco-friendly four-star Latini Hotel or the three-star Der Schütthof guesthouse in Zell am See. Sustainability and environmental friendliness play an essential role, which ensures not only you a lovely stay in an unspoiled natural environment but also the future generations.